Receipt Bank is a receipt and invoice processing service that gathers together your receipts and invoices.

Xero works hand in hand with Receipt Bank, so with a few clicks you can quickly and easily send your expenses data from Receipt Bank directly to Xero.

Automatic Bookkeeping

Receipt Bank extracts the data from your invoices and receipts and publishes it seamlessly into Xero, providing a near real time view of your accounts.

Mobile Access

Receipt Bank’s mobile app, which works on your mobile phone, allows you to quickly take a photo of your receipts and instantly submits it to Datamolino for processing. No more glove boxes bulging with receipts in the car.

Digital Storage

Digitally storing your receipts makes it’s significantly quicker to locate them with our online system – now there’s no need to spend your time trawling through the original documentation. What’s more, this method is approved by HMRC.