Any accountant can show you the past. The Peloton can show you the future.

Futrli is a revolutionary forecasting application offered in partnership with The Peloton

Predicting business performance based on last year’s bank accounts is yesterday’s news.

With live access to up-to-the-minute financial data, pulled directly from Xero, you can see exactly where your business is going.

Planning & Forecasting

Use your plans to manage your business! Our easy to understand presentation of your plan in both the scenario and performance dashboards areas, combine with automatically updating actual data, helping you to make smart decisions about your future.

Real Time Reporting

We give you ultimate control of your business data. Choose the financial or non-financial data that you want to delve into, set up the report in seconds and let us auto-update it for you every day. Daily reporting? Weekly reporting? We have you covered.


Alerts are not just for actual, updating data. CrunchBoards changes the game, by alerting you to changes that might happen in the future with our predictive alerts. Will you hit your overdraft in the next quarter? Is Accounts payable rising to worrying levels next month?

Try Futrli for yourself

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