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You started your chiropractic business because you love your job; you like helping people discover this natural treatment and you’re excited about the potential financial rewards, but how do you keep your business on course?

At The Peloton, we work closely with many chiropractors throughout the country and the ones that frequently measure their performance are the ones that reach their goals quicker.

Imagine driving a car and you are going from A to B, but via C, D, E, F and so on. Without a decent map or a SatNav or speedometer or fuel gauge, you’d become stuck. In terms of some of the chiropractic clinics that we are helping, this is exactly what is happening.

A SatNav that only refreshes its course every 100 miles is no good to anyone, which is why we encourage our clients to use up-to-date information about their business performance. The perfect tools that we recommend are Xero for bookkeeping and Crunchboards for live reporting. When you add Cliniko as a practice management tool, things get a whole lot easier.

If you would like to get a clearer picture on your estimated time of arrival, with enough fuel on board to make your financial journey, please talk to one of our end-to-end software specialists.

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