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We’re back in the Monday hot seat after another weekend packed with wild and varied adventures.

For those not in the know, it was the Harvest Moon at the weekend, one of the the brightest in the year and the closest full moon to the Autumn Equinox, this all sounds very astrological, but what it really means is that the moon rose before sunset and illuminates the sky with more vigour than usual, making nocturnal activities all the more achievable.

Friday evening – There is a developing trend of team members in the office tracking down some Verdant Brewing Co. beer on a Friday. Be that at the tap room itself, to drink in or takeaway or at one of the few places in Falmouth you can get your mitts on it. On this occasion Kurt and Tom made a lunchtime dash to the Taproom to pick up some weekend supplies of UTO, the collaboration brew with Howling Hops weighing in at a juicy 9.3%.

Saturday – The team split into far flung locations this weekend, with Jo heading to Bath and Nic venturing home to Dorset for what has to be the most entertaining looking half marathon ever. The Camelot Challenge, bills itself as a fun filled foot race involving cake, picnics, pub-stops and gorgeous scenery for the whole course, think rolling open countryside and quaint little villages.

We also had contact from the Centurion himself, Ben. After a few weeks away to get married in France he was enjoying some much deserved R & R in the vinyards and picturesque Chateaus, turning us all green with envy in the process.

Back in Cornwall, Hannah was busy battling with Plymouth on the astro in a close fought 2 all draw in the Hockey.  Tom swam out from Portscatho to board Wind Dancer for a day’s fishing on the high seas. Returning with Pollock and Mackerel later that day, he made for the woods. Stringing up the hammock overlooking the Carrick roads there was fish curry bubbling away and UTO in hand to watch the sunset and moonrise over Falmouth.

Sunday – A day of rest and travel, there were slow journeys home and lazy breakfasts to be had. Gentle bike rides in the sun and slow cruises on the many Peloton boats. Mike and Emm spent the day preparing for the inaugural Aga roast and Cath was out playing paparazzi with the chivalrous Aiden Turner at an undisclosed filming location.

Heads hit pillows with a welcome thud at the end of another idyllic Cornish weekend, with the signs of Autumn slowly encroaching on the last of Summer, it will soon be time for darker ales and fish pies to get us through our 60 hours of freedom.

Until next time…