The Peloton is delighted to report on the sponsorship of Self Employed Women’s Association, a organisation in India committed to getting  unprotected self employed women in Indian into regular salaried employment, with welfare benefits like workers in the organised sector. Aimee Hutchinson and fellow Cambridge University student Debs Marmot will be reporting on their volunteering experiences in India.

Who are we?

Debs Marmot and Aimee Hutchinson; two students from Cambridge University studying Politics and International Relations who have found themselves lucky enough to be heading out to India on 23rd August to work for an organisation called Sanklit SEWA.


Who are they?

Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) has over the years been promoting various sister organisations for the provision of specialised service delivery to women. They are now in the process of integrating a model of these sister organisations working together in specific areas to ensure a provision of all different services (including health care, insurance, housing, education and many others) together to the women. It seeks to help women build their own organisations, develop their own networks and address their own needs while working together.


What will we be doing?

We will be working in the Tapi district, in South Gujarat (near Surat) aiming to build capacities in the area for tribal women to have their own self-managed member-based organisations.

Amongst other things we will be conducting personality profiles of local tribal women leaders in Tapi, along with social profiles of the organisations and the areas they work in. This information can serve to help us understand the social mind-set behind taking decisions for financial investments and market dynamics.

The more we understand about the best ways to co-operate the more effective we can be in the struggle against poverty and vulnerability and the more we can help families move towards a position of self-reliance.


Next update will be coming shortly!