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In an age when social media can really increase website page visits, here are our top tips.

1. Posting
You wouldn’t write a letter and go to the effort of writing the address and putting a stamp on it and not post it, so don’t do that with your business either. You have worked hard, so shout about it, but also mix it up with funny things that happen in the workplace, great employee achievements and of course new products or services you are offering.

2. Mix it up
Social media platforms all work in slightly different ways, but they like a mixture of photos, words and videos, readers like this as well! Amongst this, don’t forget to like, comment and follow other people/businesses too!

3. You can’t expect to get more followers if you are not following them!
Following your clients and local businesses will prove invaluable as this is building up a bank of people who’s services you may need in the future and also of people that might recommend you.

4. Consistency
If for example you write ‘watch this space’, then make sure it is followed up. When using filters on photos, try and use about three and stick to them and stay on brand such as using similar language in each post.

5. Involvement
Involving employees and clients in posts or photos is great way to engage your business around you as well as getting good traction online, social media platforms love photos of people!

6. Don’t faff!
Be quite impulsive with photos etc. and don’t write lengthy paragraphs (they have a place on your website or blogs), keep it short, sweet and often!

We look forward to following your successes online, if you would like to follow us, here are the links…