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Get ready to save tax!

Ross Martin blogs:

It took a little while to catch up, but it’s great news for barristers. Very shortly (from September) barristers will be allowed to trade through a limited company, paving the way for tax efficiencies.

Following the Legal Services Act 2007 (where non-lawyers were granted the ability to own and invest in law firms) this move was surely inevitable. Operating through a limited company can achieve a number of advantages, include a minimum £8,000 per annum tax savings.

We have been incorporating individuals exactly like yourselves for over 20 years and were assisting dentists with the very same proposition when they too were granted permission with the Dentistry Act 2006.

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) current plans are to be in a position to accept entries in September so please contact us on 01326 660022 or email me below to be at the front of the queue to harness the tax savings as soon as possible.

Ross Martin ACA



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