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Dealing with the financials of your business can seem like a maze of complicated lingo, government penalties and mind-boggling sums but, as accountants, we are here to help!

To start with, we like to meet our clients early-on with a relaxed chat at our office in Penryn, or have a chat via Zoom. From here we can discuss with you which services you require. For us, it is then a question of getting stuck in, but for you the door is always open for questions!

Whether you require some xero training, tax clarification or a quick answer, the whole team are happy to help.

In a recent questionnaire, the team here were asked to give 5 words that they thought represented The Peloton and 5 that definitely didn’t. The most repeated words were: innovative, approachable, welcoming  and dynamic. That’s how we aim to be and we really hope our clients would agree.

We’d love to hear from you – The only stupid question is the one that’s not asked. or 01362 660022