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Pension contribution increases from April 2018
13th March 2018

Your pension provider should have already been in touch with you about the increases due from April 2018 but we thought…

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Top 10 Xero apps
8th March 2018

Xero Cloud-based Accounting has over 600 connections with other time-saving apps and software aiming to automate your workflow, here’s our top…

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How Technology is Changing the World of Accountancy
7th March 2018

There was a time when an organisation’s books were managed using pens, pencils, and massive hand written ledgers. Luckily, rapid technological…

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Five reasons NOT to become a Limited Company
6th March 2018

I sometimes dread the limited company question. It often starts with… mate / financial advisor / father-in-law / bloke at the garage…

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What does severe weather look like for businesses?
28th February 2018

With storm Emma, otherwise known as the ‘Beast from the East’,  forcing her way through the whole of the UK at…

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I’m planning to have a baby – what do I need to know?
27th February 2018

So you are having baby… or you already have children This is the FAQ for you if you have children, or…

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The key to a successful team
19th February 2018

Someone sent me an article this week with the message ‘This sounds very like The Peloton!’ and reading it I did…

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Are you aware that the National Living Wage will increase on 1st April, 2018?
19th February 2018

National Living Wage rates will increase on 1st April and employers need to make sure the new rates are implemented for…

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Thinking of starting a new business? Read this.
13th February 2018

If you are thinking of starting in business, then there are a few things that you must do, and some that…

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Champions for Xero in Cornwall
12th February 2018

Xero is online accounting software for your small business. It’s beautifully simple yet immensely powerful, offering you all the time-saving tools…

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The Benefits of Fixed Fee Accounting
7th February 2018

It’s at this time of year that we often get enquiries from people looking for a new accountant because they’ve just…

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Aiming for Paperless
6th February 2018

In an age where almost everything is digital, why are we still bogged down by paper? It occurred to me today…

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Making Tax Digital
Making Tax Digital – what do I need to know and do
31st January 2018

What is Making Tax Digital? Making Tax Digital (MTD) is part of the government’s plan to make it easier for businesses…

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January – the big push
29th January 2018

For most people January is dark, cold and pretty dull, but not all of Cornwall is on shut down for this…

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Top tips for marketing your business through social media
25th January 2018

In an age when social media can really increase website page visits, here are our top tips. 1. Posting You wouldn’t…

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Why it’s okay to get it wrong
23rd January 2018

How do you benchmark your own performance or achievements? Is it Linkedin? You gauge your success against the number of people…

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Acronyms – WTF?
16th January 2018

We love an acronym at The Peloton. So much so that sometimes we forget that not everyone is party to our…

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What are KPIs and which should I use in my business?
9th January 2018

Could you drive your car safely without a speedo? Unlikely. In fact, what would happen if you got some gaffer tape…

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Mike’s Christmas Speech to the Team
20th December 2017

At our Christmas party a few days ago, Mike Hutch decided that he’d give a little speech about his thoughts on…

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2017 In Review
20th December 2017

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Top Tips for Organising an Event
19th December 2017

In the aftermath of another successful year of our Gin in the ‘Ryn event at Pelo HQ, I thought I would…

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Train to be a Chartered Accountant with The Peloton and we’ll pay for your ‘Gap Yah’
13th December 2017

We’re looking for our next superstar to join us and help shape our business. Perhaps you’re at that familiar crossroads in…

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Looking for help with Cloud Accounting software Xero?
12th December 2017

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably heard of Xero and want to know a little more, or you may already…

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Proud to be the accountant of… Lily’s of Truro
11th December 2017

Lily’s of Truro is an independent café in the centre of Truro, Cornwall and one of our all time favourite places…

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Gin in the ‘Ryn 2017 – Thanks for coming :-)
8th December 2017

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My Christmas Appeal: Spare a thought for your accountant this festive season…
5th December 2017

Let’s all raise our glasses and say a big thank you to HMRC for creating the 31st January deadline for submission…

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What I learnt from setting up, running and closing my own small business
27th November 2017

In 2010 I set up a small business. The idea was for a website where people could buy direct from lots…

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Houses of Parliament - Autumn Budget 2017
Autumn Budget 2017 – Download
23rd November 2017

What is the Autumn Budget 2017 and why should you care? One of the most important dates in the parliamentary calendar…

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We’re looking for an Accountant
23rd November 2017

We are Cornwall’s #1 Xero provider, heading for top five in the UK. We are growing – rapidly! We’re a young…

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Accounting and Customer Service – getting the balance right
22nd November 2017

You wouldn’t think that an accountancy firm would have a large proportion of non accountants, but at The Peloton we do!…

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