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11th May – the 10 Principles of War
11th May 2020

A little part of me hoped that last night Boris would give us all some indication about how this current scene…

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May 7th – Self-employed and unsure where you stand?
7th May 2020

You are herded into the self-employed category if you (either on your own or together with others) run your own business…

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6 May – A quick look at loans (again)
6th May 2020

Many of you have made applications to borrow money under the Coronavirus Business Loan Interruption Scheme (CBILS) or the Bounce Back…

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5th May – Shackleton
5th May 2020

We continue to sail into un-charted waters. Not just in our business or in our community or in our County or…

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4th May – Today’s the day…
4th May 2020

Unbelievably, it’s now May. It’s light just after 5am, and getting dark around 9.30pm. We went into this ‘lockdown’ phase on…

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May 1st – Summer has come
1st May 2020

Well not exactly…..but it is fast on the approach. Things are looking up. The Government have announced that we’ve hopefully passed…

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30th April – Reasons to be cheerful
30th April 2020

In recognition of ‘Major’ (now Colonel) Tom’s 100th birthday; and the public’s overwhelming response to his ‘100 laps of the garden’…

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29th April – before we get going…
29th April 2020

Maybe we are not over the worst of it, and maybe the actual process of un-locking lockdown has yet to be…

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HMRC Job Support scheme - A lifeline for businesses during Covid19
28th April – Phew, a long awaited lifeline?
28th April 2020

Well, I didn’t see that coming. A ‘Bounce Back’ loan, to all businesses, of up to £50k (or 25% of turnover,…

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27th April – Post lock down – how will it look?
27th April 2020

There’s no precise way of knowing where we are in this COVID-19 cycle, and that’s largely because no one knows. Whilst…

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24th April – Start-ups in the time of Covid-19
24th April 2020

Yesterday, we spoke about how this lockdown may be the filter for entrepreneurialism, and how many people might make use of…

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23rd April – COVID-19 the ultimate entreprenurial filter?
23rd April 2020

It’s hard to tell whether things are getting better or worse. Whilst the virus is doing what the virus is doing…

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April 22nd – Retail, Leisure & Hospitality Grants –  Is it worth another look?
22nd April 2020

There are two major handouts that are being given to eligible businesses just now, and if you haven’t yet applied, it…

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April 21st – CBILS Loan scheme – Some commonly asked questions
21st April 2020

Second to the Furlough Scheme, of which you can read our commonly asked questions here, we have been asked a lot…

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April 20th – Furlough Claim Day
20th April 2020

Today is the long awaited day that employers can begin to lodge their claims with HMRC to cover the cost of…

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17th April – Comms
17th April 2020

Yesterday, I was thinking about some of the attributes that make ostensibly good businesses fall apart. There can of course be…

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16th April – Furlough Payments, a further update
16th April 2020

The offer by the Government to pay up to 80% of an employees salary costs (or £2,500, whichever is the lower)…

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Image for what metrics are you measuring in your business now that you have time off during coronavirus
April 15th – What are you measuring?
15th April 2020

Many clients I work with have often started their journey with me because they are looking for something to change. Sometimes…

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Image of a compass to question where is your business during the Coronavirus epidemic
14th April – Where are we?
14th April 2020

Time has sort of taken a whole new dimension these last 3 weeks, and since the ‘lock down’ announcement, we’ve all…

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How will you alter the course of your business now that you have the time to think about where you want to go?
9th April – Control-Alt-Delete
9th April 2020

It’s a weird time. An exceptional time. A crazy time. Yet it has one common denominator……time. It is possible that this…

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How can business take advantage of the Coronavirus shut-down?
8th April – 3 important considerations
8th April 2020

The following three things are on my mind right now and I believe they are relevant to every business just now….

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Let’s save money where we can, but what else can a business do during the Coronavirus shut-down? Keep an eye on Cash and Brand (Goodwill).
7th April – Job retention and action to take now
7th April 2020

Let’s save money where we can, but what else? Furloughing employees as part of the Job Retention Scheme is probably the…

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Making business plans and survival guides during the Coronavirus lockdown
April 6, 2020 – Have you made your plan?
6th April 2020

I’ve said on several occasions, since COVID-19 lockdown came in force, that we all must have a plan. But I’m still…

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More about loans and CBILS - an improved offer?
More about loans and CBILS – an improved offer?
3rd April 2020

Whilst we await the formal announcement, it would appear that the Government have reviewed the application process for funding under the…

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Loans/Borrowing Money - what to look out for during the Coronavirus lockdown
April 2nd – Loans/Borrowing Money – what to look out for
2nd April 2020

Whether you have been fortunate enough to receive a grant from the Government (albeit for furloughing your employees or through your…

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a rough guide of different things you can do to help take control of the finances at home
Personal Finance
1st April 2020

We’ve spoken at length about the impact of these ‘unprecedented’ times and the financial implications for businesses during Coronavirus lockdown. There…

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What can Limited Companies do for financial help during Coronavirus?
Limited Companies, what next?
31st March 2020

I’m grateful to you all for ‘cutting and pasting’ my letter (or a version of it) to the Chancellor regarding the…

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Furlough payments - some commonly asked questions
Furlough payments – some commonly asked questions
30th March 2020

Probably the most commonly asked questions for us at the moment surround the furlough payments to employees and the claiming of the Grant…

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Letter to; The Rt. Hon Rishi Sunak, MP Chancellor of the Exchequer
Letter to; The Rt. Hon Rishi Sunak, MP Chancellor of the Exchequer
29th March 2020

A call to action to all Directors of Limited Companies – if you agree with the sentiment below then I encourage…

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Financial implications and what to do to during the Coronavirus lockdown
VAT, Self Employed and Ltd. Company Directors
28th March 2020

VAT Action – Cancel your direct debit to stop HMRC collecting your VAT. HMRC have announced that VAT payments due between…

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