My role at the Peloton is to lead expeditions through, and rescue clients from, the great wilderness and vast territories of the UK tax regime, hence the frequent use of Ernest or Shackers as nicknames, by Mike, if no one else, in tribute to the great polar explorer.

From compliance queries to advising on corporate finance transactions, from HMRC enquiries to bespoke tax planning, from reviewing Counsel’s opinions to analysing budgets, I’m confident dealing with it all!

As if that wasn’t enough for my sins, I am also burdened with following the footballing (mis)fortunes of the mighty Tigers, also known as Hull City, for the uninitiated – a birthright rather than a choice!

The rest of my time is spent battling family life; but when I do get some time to myself I enjoy music and the beautiful beaches close to home on the Lizard Peninsula, both of which help to cleanse the mind and keep me going come Monday.