I was fortunate enough to jump on the wheel of the Peloton right at the beginning of its journey back in 2013, and was introduced to an ethos completely different to any where I’ve worked in Cornwall before.

Mike, the founder and team leader, believes in providing the best for his staff so that they, in turn, can provide the best for their clients.

As well as having the best desks, the best computers, the best chairs, the best lights, great artwork, a beautiful office environment, we are also given the opportunity to manage our own portfolio of clients and really get involved in helping them on their journey to success…. and who can forget the lunches?!

On top of all of this I get to spend every day working with the most amazing bunch of people – thank you team Peloton.

Outside of work the majority of my time is spent with my horse, Castan, although I’m always eager to get involved with any type of sport given the opportunity – the latest being training with the guys here so that we can enter a team in the Classic Quarter… Help!