Also known as The Executioner – I’m impressed by the title as I’m usually referred to as the tea girl. Incidentally, that is not something I’m ashamed of. A good cup of tea and a biscuit at the right moment can have a surprisingly invigorating effect on almost everyone… and curry a few favours!

After many years of working in promotional marketing (plus a slight deviation into running a coffee house – not of the Amsterdam variety, I hasten to add) I decided to get a ‘proper job’ and now spend my time working alongside the team here; helping to manage the office and Mike and all associated admin that goes with running the business efficiently and effectively.

Actually, the thing I love about The Peloton are the people I work with and the clients who we work with and the fact they all want to achieve their business & personal goals in equal measure. It is an incredibly positive & fun atmosphere to work in and I love it. I wonder how many people out there can say that about their job?

I love my dog! Dr Dog is my exercise, my sanity and my reason for getting out and loving the great outdoors of Cornwall and beyond. The water, the beach, the raw moors and the dramatic cliffs are all there to be explored come rain or shine.

P.S. My embarrassing secret – I dabble in bad bridge playing.