Back in 2008, whilst pedaling the corporate wheels in London, it dawned on Ben that he didn’t want to run the usual rat race… and so began his great escape back to Cornwall. What hit him was that to have a long, successful and most importantly happy career, you have to really take an interest in your chosen field and this is what accountancy, and more recently The Peloton, offered him. Ben trained and qualified as a chartered accountant in London with KPMG, before making the move back to Cornwall. He joined The Peloton in early 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.
Ben dived right into the culture of the Peloton, immediately introducing ‘Banger Friday’, which hasn’t once been missed now in over two years! He considers himself very fortunate to be involved in such a welcoming, positive and innovative environment, and for a company that takes such an active interest in all aspects of our clients’ operations. He’s convinced that it’s this involvement and breadth of services that enables The Peloton to offer above and beyond the norm for accountancy firms. It really is a team effort, and this applies to members of the Peloton family and clients alike.
Ben heads up the Accounts team here at the Peloton and much of his working day is spent overseeing the operations of the department, as well as managing his own portfolio of clients. This includes advising on various technical issues and challenges, as well as providing insight into the financial and operational performance of their businesses. One thing that The Peloton really prides itself on is our ability to analyse and interpret the performance of a business, and Ben’s experience here is a fantastic asset to the company. We are fortunate to have a nationwide client base and, despite our beautiful offices, sometimes there’s nothing that Ben prefers more than hitting the road to visit all the British extremities, ranging from Penzance (easy!) to Edinburgh (less so…).
In his spare time, Ben spreads himself pretty thinly across as many sports as he can. Rugby is a major passion of his and against his better judgment, Ben is starting to sign up to the occasional long distance running event. He is adamant that he always considered himself to be built for sprinting but, in keeping with our mentality here, challenging conventional wisdom is never a bad idea.