Join Mike from The Peloton at the free Digital Dentistry Show at London Olympia on Saturday 15th September 2018.

The ONE reason Dentists don’t make the profit that they want to‘.

At the show, Mike will talk you through how you can increase profitability in your dental practice, whilst managing and reducing risk. With key area’s being tax, funding, & cashflow.

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Mike Hutch’s Background

Mike soon became very well known in the profession of accountancy, after a partnership in Kelsall Steele (Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors). It wasn’t long before Mike and his team became the largest provider in the UK of accountancy and tax services to the chiropractic profession. A position his team still holds. But on Mike’s journey he realised just how dull accounts can be. That is not to say it is not important, it’s just that clients found it hard to connect with balance sheets and profit and loss accounts.

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Hours spent burning the midnight oil in advance of meetings ensuring the balance sheet balanced to the penny just never got on the clients radar as their eyes glazed over at the very mention of debtors, creditors and work in progress. Yet the purpose of the all these figures remained critical to the business’s performance, understanding what was going on was fundamental. Mike then trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, becoming a master practitioner. New skills helped communicate the messages that were important and clients finally became connected with their businesses.

Specialist in Dentistry Accounts

With the new founds tools and techniques Mike jumped at the chance to start a Dental Consultancy business with friend, Dr Simon Hocken, ex dentist and business coach. The business flourished and very soon became the largest in the UK. As did Mike’s knowledge of dentists and his ability to apply the lessons learnt in chiropractic to the dentistry model. More and more dentists became clients, and Mike’s firm The Peloton, is second to none in dentistry accounts with over 25 years of experience helping Dentists (both Practice Owners & Associates) to improve revenue, optimise business structure and maximise tax efficiencies.