Business Development for Dentists

Whether you’re a practice owner, an associate, or even a pioneer dentist who is changing the world, we can help you.

With over 25 years of experience in dentistry, we completely understand the pressures and challenges that you face every day. We’ve been helping Dentists (both Practice Owners & Associates) to improve revenue, optimise business structure and maximise tax efficiencies.

Mike Hutchinson, owner of The Peloton, first started his career in this field by building Breathe, along with Simon Hocking, which was set-up to support dentists from a ‘building business’ perspective. Since then, The Peloton has taken over the financial affairs of dental practices all over the UK, building long-lasting friendships as we go.

Our close ties with Henry Schein and expertise in Xero, has put The Peloton in the lead with bringing cloud accounting to the world of dentistry.

An example of some of the points for discussion are shown below:

  • What is important to you? More money? More time? A new house? etc
  • Exploring what is the limiting factor to achieving this
  • Set tasks that are needed to achieve goals
  • Prioritise and look at resources needed for each task
  • Set dates for each task for them to be completed by
  • Timeline and task list of the day in the form of a Gantt chart
  • Enthusiasm and motivation
  • Follow up calls and meetings

The reward of re-gaining a sense of direction will be well worth the investment.

Not your usual stuffy accountants!  Forward thinking, nice, honest people who don’t just do numbers and always up for sharing a glass of wine and a packet of crisps at the end of the day! We can’t thank them enough for continually helping us drive our business forward

Tash Fillingham, Dentist Salisbury - Clinic Owner

The team are responsive, good humoured, forward thinking and precise in their approaches to our accounting and complement this with a very bold and honest approach to assessing our business performance. We appreciate this approach, as there is NEVER any point in hiding from the real truths of our financial performance.

We would have no hesitation in recommending the Peloton team to anyone looking for a competent, responsive and people friendly accountancy company.

Charlie Fox at Hartley Dental - Practice Owner