Business Development for Chiropractors

Knowing where your business is, makes it easier to know where you’re going

Chiropractors, when working in the familiar environment of the clinic each day, are very often blind to making changes that can have a major impact on their business profits and achieving their business and personal objectives. Changes that can make their team more efficient, make their patients happier and are a step towards being able to leave the office on a Friday afternoon without feeling guilty.

The story we hear time and time again is that people are too busy to take time away from work to address these all important decisions, leaving them in a stale situation, never exceeding their potential.

“…I knew I was doing well in my practice, but I always thought I could be doing better if I could take the time out to find out what needed to be done.”

Mike Hutchinson, founder of The Peloton, has been working closely with Chiropractors for many years and you could be working very closely with him, too. Mike will discuss certain areas of your business in order to formulate a plan. An example of some of the points for discussion are shown below:

The reward of re-gaining a sense of direction will be well worth the investment.

  • What is important to you? More money? More time? A new house? etc
  • Exploring what is the limiting factor to achieving this
  • Set tasks that are needed to achieve goals
  • Prioritise and look at resources needed for each task
  • Set dates for each task for them to be completed by
  • Timeline and task list of the day in the form of a Gantt chart
  • Enthusiasm and motivation
  • Follow up calls and meetings

Hutch and the team are like my super domestiques, working hard at the front of the peloton to shelter me from the fierce Belgian cross winds, allowing me to remain fresh and reserve my energy for the fast approaching finish line. They do all the hard work and peel off just as the line arrives, I appear from the pack and cross the line first taking all the glory, but never forgetting to give praise for the hard work that my team mates have done to get me there.

Craig at Putney Chiropractic Centre - Owner

Having used Mike Hutchinson as our accountant since he first joined Kelsall Steele we are very familiar with his style. The Peloton is an extension of that style and we very much appreciate the imaginative ideas and approach that the team bring to accountancy, so often a dry subject. It is very good to know that members of the Peloton team will make every effort to familiarise themselves with the business so the advice is relevant, and there is a good dose of humour which always helps.

Dixon Health and Peter Dixon Consultancy Ltd - Directors of Dixon Health and Peter Dixon Consultancy Ltd