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Edinburgh Lectures Mike & Vicky

Mike Hutchinson Blogs…

Over the weekend of 21st – 22nd June I was honoured to attend the Edinburgh Lectures.  The standout for me over the whole weekend was the quality of the speakers, they were inspirational.

They were all great, but my particular favourites were (in no particular order)

•             Dr James Chestnut
•             Dr Liam Schubel
•             Lynne McTaggart
•             Dr Guy Reikeman
•             Dr Liz Anderson-Peacock

Each speaker was completely engaging in their particular field of expertise. They wanted to give a message and each of them found a way to communicate it effectively. But what was so important for me was the story each one had to tell. After 25 years involved in chiropractic, providing advice and professional services, I can honestly say it was the first time I had actually begun to think maybe I should retrain as a chiropractor.

So ‘what has this got to do with marketing?’ you ask.

For me, it simply illustrates the point that if you have an audience and you communicate a compelling message to that audience, you can influence the decisions they make to the point of taking action. I’m going to look at that in relation to chiropractic businesses.



By far and away the single biggest problem in Chiropractic is ‘finding the audience’ and there are 2 primary routes here.  The physical space and the digital space.

Physical – have you ever thought how visible your practice is to the general public? How effective your signage is? What message does your signage convey that encourages someone to walk in?

I’ve always thought that the use of ‘pain centre’ doesn’t encourage the most positive thought, or give a compelling message.  ‘New Patients WELCOME’ might be better. Quick, simple fixes. Take some action now.

Digital – this is all about your website.

Firstly, if you are invisible on the high street (because no one goes there any more) then you cannot afford to be invisible online. Invisible means anywhere other than the top 3-4 spaces for all the popular search terms that your potential new patients (PNPs) might use. That could easily be up to 20 different key phrases and it’s simple to find out what those phrases are. If you like, we’ll undertake a free digital audit that answers all those questions and will give you 5 ideas to help you reach – and stay – in this lucrative space.



Next, communicating a compelling message that resonates with your audience. The message should not be about the detail of how chiropractic works. It should communicate the benefits and advantages of chiropractic treatment. Think about using mini case-studies, and collecting patient testimonials. Let your patients tell your story for you.

A compelling message tells your audience that you can address their needs, when backed up by testimonials (preferably video testimonials) and simple calls-to-action, like ‘CALL NOW’, ‘FIND OUT MORE’, ‘BOOK YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT’, it gives your audience permission to talk to you.



Potential new patients seek permission to talk to you. They want to know that you’re open for business, ready for their call and that you’ll welcome the interaction.  Your website and signage must make your contact details absolutely clear, as escalation to voice is absolutely critical.

The next critical step is to ensure that your Chiropractic Assistants have the skills and necessary sales training to build rapport and engage with new patients.  Don’t fall into the trap of spending money on signage, your website and getting to the top of google and not having the processes in place to interact effectively with each new patient enquiry.

So, in summary:

•             Be visible to your audience
•             Have a compelling message
•             Give patients a reason to take action
•             Develop your sales and marketing process

Surely, if those guys at Edinburgh could make me consider giving up the day job, to be part of your amazing profession, then something in their message was bang on. They attracted my attention by focussing on and demonstrating the advantages and benefits of chiropractic. They convinced me that joining the profession would satisfy my needs and lead me towards taking action. Watch this space!

If you’d like help implementing any of these steps then please just get in touch – it’s free, call 01326 660022 or email

Mike Hutchinson FCA
CEO of The Peloton & Finance4Chiropractors