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With storm Emma, otherwise known as the ‘Beast from the East’,  forcing her way through the whole of the UK at the moment, I wonder what it means for business; do we shut down or carry on?

As it rarely snows in Cornwall, it tends to mean that some businesses close and people panic on the roads. However it also seems that there is a nice atmosphere outside as people get out and enjoy it, walk everywhere and copious amounts of snow angels line the fresh snow!

Having the internet means that more and more we can work from anywhere meaning that people can work from home or anywhere for that matter. For some businesses of course this won’t work, but for some it is essential to keeping the ‘office’ open! We feel for those companies who rely on the roads for doing business as I am not sure about elsewhere, but in Cornwall many are grid-locked.

The weather forecast is a vital tool in the amour of a workplace in order to plan ahead, we have found that giving employees the option to work from home means that productivity is kept up as people aren’t worried about getting home. These plans can be put in place before there is a sign of a snow flake.

Most importantly let’s enjoy it! It doesn’t happen like this very often and is great fun, so our advice would be encourage the team to get out there and take it all in!