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As expert tax advisors, we work closely with both local and national customers across the UK to help them understand their tax affairs, allowing them to plan ahead to avoid any nasty HMRC surprises.

Claire Round

“Here at the Peloton, we really enjoy helping people understand their tax position and are pro-active in ensuring that tax is as painless as possible.”

Clare Round, Tax Advisor, The Peloton

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Capital Gains Tax Advice

Together with inheritance tax, capital gains tax is a tax that has many planning opportunities. With professional capital gains tax advice, it is usually possible for you to minimise your liability or defer eventual payment to HMRC. Meaning you have more choice in the way you spend your money. 

Corporation Tax Advice

Maximising tax efficiency is no easy feat, but The Peloton’s specialist tax team can help you develop the right approach for your business – whatever its size, sector or stage of growth.

Inheritance Tax Advice

Inheritance tax can reduce what your loved ones receive after you’ve gone. With professional advice, it is possible to maximise the amount that is left for them. Contact The Peloton to make sure that your will is as tax efficient as you think it is. 

Income Tax Advice

Income Tax is charged on earnings from employment, profits you make if you are self-employed, most pension income, interest on most savings, rental income and income from dividends. Chat to the The Peloton to see how we can help you to reduce your tax liability.

Value Added Tax (VAT) Advice

UK VAT (Value Added Tax) is a complex and difficult area of taxation, frequently amended with new rules and procedures, which affects most businesses and organisations. Speak to The Peloton’s specialist tax advisors to get your compliance right.

Capital Allowances Advice

Capital allowances are a highly effective way of reducing the after-tax cost of buying plant, equipment, fixtures and fittings, and acquiring, building, fitting out or refurbishing property. Before you purchase or lease business assets, talk to our tax specialists.

Tax Planning and Advice

Effective tax planning can dramatically reduce your tax liabilities. Ensuring that you are paying the right amount of tax can enhance your wealth and help you reach your financial goals sooner. Speak to our specialist team today.

Property Tax Advice

From buy-to-let landlords to large property groups, our specialist property tax advisers can help you keep ahead of constant tax changes, including the recent reduction of mortgage interest relief. Talk to us today.

Claire Round

Clare Round – Tax Advisor

Before moving to The Peloton, Clare predominantly worked In the tax department at KPMG. She is now a key player in The Peloton’s Tax Advisory service.

Ian Forbes - Peloton Tax Advisor

Ian Forbes – Tax Advisor

Ian’s role at The Peloton is to lead expeditions through, and rescue clients from, the great wilderness and vast territories of the UK tax regime.


Aleks Bukalak – Senior Accountant

Alex has over 10 years of accounting practice experience, a masters degree in finance & accounting and is instrumental to providing sound tax advice to our customers.

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