At The Peloton we have streamlined the process of incorporating a company

We will not overload you with any technical jargon. We will, instead, provide you with answers to the questions you need answered to decide if setting up a limited company is right for you. We have a tax specialist, Oliver Twentyman, who will guide you through this process and sure this is the most tax-efficient decision for your business.

Whether you would prefer a limited company, a limited liability partnership, or any other business structure: your search ends here.

Information Required for Limited Company Incorporation

Listed below is the information required to incorporate a new limited company in the United Kingdom:

      1. Preferred Company Name
      2. Nature of Business
      3. Registered Office Address
      4. Business Address
      5. Director(s) details
      6. Shareholder(s) details

With the above information we will register your company with Companies House. In approximately 1 or 2 working days, your company will be incorporated. Once this is done, we will provide you with the following legal documents:

Certificate of Incorporation

– A certificate to legally confirm the existence of your new company which includes the company registration number and the date of incorporation.

Memorandum of Association

– A written agreement of all the shareholders to create the company.

Statement of Capital

– This is a document outlining the company share allocation and share rights.

Articles of Association

– This document comprises of the written rules governing the operation of the company.

Our Costs

Oliver, our Tax Specialist, can help you make this decision for a fee of £275 +VAT. He will prepare bespoke calculations for you and guide you through making an informed decision over a 30-minute consultation.

The good news is that if you become a limited company client of ours after this process, we will discount your accounting fees by £275 +VAT.

The formalities of registering the incorporation have a fixed fee of £250 +VAT.