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I first read Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow, years ago and it is still as much fun now as it was then. Marketing books typically talk about campaigns, analyze data, show proven ways, graphs and various modelling tools. Godin does the complete opposite. He challenges the reader to go for the unknown, the things that have not been done before. The most important factors being, “Don’t try to target everyone. The mass market is dead. The mass product is unremarkable. Nobody wants to talk about anything that’s unremarkable.”

Seth Godin defines a new ‘P’ in the marketing wheel that stands for ‘Purple Cow’. He coined the term Purple Cow to mean a product or service with huge differentiation, innovative and scores high on ‘wow’ factor. On this point, Seth describes that the Purple Cow will first attract the early adopters who will then take it through into the masses. He reasons that the madness in spending in mass advertising would be better spent in creating a much better product which will sell itself. This makes complete sense to me, especially being in the environment that we are building at The Peloton.

If you read one book on Marketing, please make it this. You’ll end up reading more by Seth, anyway! :0)