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On 26th June new rules will come in to force that will alter the way in which companies notify Companies House about changes to their PSC register.

The PSC register is a public record which details the people who own or control a company.

Currently, companies are required to file an annual Confirmation Statement (which replaced the Annual Return), which updates the public record with any changes to the company shareholding & ownership.

On 26th June, this will change. Rather then updating the records annually, any changes to the PSC register must be logged on the public register as soon as they occur. The annual filing of the Confirmation Statement will still occur, however this will simply confirm that the information held at Companies House is up to date and correct.

We need your help!

The changes coming in to play mean that we will need to be notified when a change to your PSC register occurs. Please can you therefore let us know when any of the following arises?

  • There is a change in control (majority shareholding) of your company
  • There is a change to the identity details of the company controlling person

If you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your account manager on 01326 660022