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CEO and Medical Doctor of London Health Systems, Jonathan O’Keeffe talking openly about employees mental health whilst travelling for business, on CNN. This is such an important message and we’re pleased that our clients are able to get out there on channels, like these, with such a wide audience.

Here, Jonathan talks about the importance of not only acknowledging but taking steps to look after employees mental health and wellbeing when they are travelling in a work capacity.

Wellbeing in the workplace has become a hugely important component in most HR departments agenda, but the risks of business travel can be overlooked and we need to address how businesses can support employees on the road.

Is business travel a perk of the job?

Business travel is often seen as a perk of the job, and a recent survey by found that 30% of business travellers would, in fact, accept a lower wage if they could travel more for work. While research from suggests that 41% of workers want to do more business travel. However, Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health found that employees who travel for business for two or more weeks per month are putting themselves at greater risk of mental and physical health problems than those workers who travel less frequently.

Given advances in communication technology is it time to rethink the necessity of business travel?

How can business travel impact an employee’s wellbeing?

UK employees made an average of 7.1 million overseas business trips in 2016 and the potential impact of travel-related health problems should not be underestimated. Especially with some people finding it hard to sleep in unfamiliar rooms, and the stress of getting to and navigating around an unfamiliar area. And of course, being away from family and friends for prolonged periods, can take their toll on employees’ health and in turn, their work.

How can we support employees who frequently travel for business?

One of the most effective ways of supporting the wellbeing of employees while they are on the road is to seek opportunities for colleagues to travel together, keep in check with them whilst they are on the trip  and also allowing them to have days leading up to and after they travel off work, to recuperate and spend time with their family.

What are your thoughts? Do you travel for work? How do you look after your employee’s wellbeing whilst they’re travelling?

Here are a few words that Jonathan has kindly provided about his experience working with the Peloton:

Excellent personalised service for business consulting. I have been working with Peloton for the last 6 months. Gus and the team at Peloton have been guiding us with the business strategy and commercial due diligence for a significant investment and acquisition. Professional, responsive and meticulous they have saved me from some potentially expensive mistakes along the way. I will use Peloton again. – Jonathan O’Keeffe (London Health Systems)

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