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At The Peloton we have a team meeting each day between 8.45 and 9am. We call it The Huddle. This meeting happens every day, at the same time. We have the meeting standing up around a high table and we deliberately keep it brief. The idea is that each person gives a brief summary of their day, raises any burning issues and shares work or personal news.

This little meeting is more powerful than it might seem, and here’s why.

1) Team work makes the dream work – A meeting as a group makes you feel like you are part of a team. It’s like a pre-match huddle each day – we go back to our desks ready to take on the day!

2) Share the load – At The Peloton we share our capacities, so each person gives a number between 1-10 as to how busy they are. We all try to aim at 5, which means ‘I’m busy but have some capacity to help someone else / spend some time planning / watch those book-marked articles / do a couple of tea rounds / cook lunch if needs be’. 6 means ‘I’m busy but will get it all done today so long as I keep my head down’. 7 means ‘I’m seriously busy, no calls or meetings please, I need other people to make me tea take any small jobs off my hands’. Anything over 7 then we need to take action so we discuss what can be given to who and how we can help that person get closer to a 5.

3) Receive answers quickly – Sometimes it’s hard to get the attention of someone who you need info / action from. The morning meeting gives you the opportunity to be in the same proximity which allows you to grab that person before they begin with their day.

4) Focus – The meeting is an opportunity to go through tasks, what needs to be prioritized and what can be put aside for another time. By sharing your focus with the rest of the team it means you’re accountable for actually getting it done.

5) Share news – Working together in a business means that you are spending a huge chunk of your day together. Meetings don’t always have to be fixed on business, business, business. Sometimes it’s nice to get to know each other on a personal level; therefore, why not share news about what you did over the weekend?

6) Easy to fit into the diary – If the meeting is at the same time, at the same place each day, then it soon becomes a habit. Research has also proven that people tend to be at their most relaxed in the morning as they have not yet experienced the problems or stresses of the day. As well as helping boost staff morale, all of these positive components help to encourage group interactions and start conversations naturally.

If you’re not doing this already we can highly recommend it.