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Cloud-based Accounting software Xero has over 1 million subscribers worldwide and has partnered with thousands of Accountancy firms in the UK. The Peloton has been a Gold Partner for three years and is Cornwall’s leading Xero centre of excellence. The Directors of Xero invited their most innovative partners to join them in London this week in order to gain valuable feedback and share their latest developments.

Mike went along and reported back to the team what a great event it was. “I felt very proud to have a place at the table with the some of the most innovative accounting firms in the country and it was hugely beneficial for us all to be able to share ideas. There were many things that I realised we are already doing very well and also some that I see an opportunity to improve on.”

We pride ourselves on doing a fantastic job for our clients but we will never rest on our laurels, there’s always ways we can be better and events like this just motivate us even more!