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Accountants – aren’t we interesting?
16th April 2018

Let’s face it, as Accountants we’re boring, or at least perceived to be boring. And given that perception is more important…

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How will Cloud Computing help me run my business?
9th April 2018

Technology and its development is at our core and we have successfully been using cloud computing and online software to make…

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First steps to becoming self-employed
9th April 2018

“How much tax will I pay?”, “can I claim costs at all?” These are regular questions people ask themselves before they…

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Why choose a Chartered Accountant?
9th April 2018

Did you know that anyone – yes that’s right, ANYONE can call themselves an accountant, but not anyone can call themselves a Chartered accountant, so when…

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Questions to ask before appointing an accountant
4th April 2018

Before committing to working with an accountant it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting for your money. It can be…

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Top 10 Xero tips from The Peloton, Gold Partner Xero Accountants in Cornwall
Top 10 Xero Tips
26th March 2018

We have successfully been using Xero cloud-based accounting for some time now, and are a Gold Partner Xero Accountant in Cornwall….

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Spring Statement 2018 Parliament
Spring Statement 2018
14th March 2018

On Tuesday 13 March 2018 Phillip Hammond presented his Spring Statement. So what exactly did the Chancellor say and, more importantly,…

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Top 10 Xero apps
8th March 2018

Xero Cloud-based Accounting has over 600 connections with other time-saving apps and software aiming to automate your workflow, here’s our top…

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How Technology is Changing the World of Accountancy
7th March 2018

There was a time when an organisation’s books were managed using pens, pencils, and massive hand written ledgers. Luckily, rapid technological…

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Five reasons NOT to become a Limited Company
6th March 2018

I sometimes dread the limited company question. It often starts with… mate / financial advisor / father-in-law / bloke at the garage…

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I’m planning to have a baby – what do I need to know?
27th February 2018

So you are having baby… or you already have children This is the FAQ for you if you have children, or…

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The key to a successful team
19th February 2018

Someone sent me an article this week with the message ‘This sounds very like The Peloton!’ and reading it I did…

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