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Recently we had a video call with a new contact, someone out there on the world circuit when it comes to communication and technology.

They sent us a Zoom invite. Not facetime or skype, but Zoom.

A few clicks and we were in. We had Cornwall, London and Singapore syncing together with no lag, seamless video and crystal clear audio.

Now that should sounds like a given in this day and age, but if you’ve ever tried to use skype on a regular basis, or facetime it can easily become a pixel fest with Robocop appearing on the other end of the call intermittently.

This really isn’t ideal for a business.

Zoom is what video calls should be like (possibly supported by Carlsberg).

What’s the secret?

Well without getting too deep into the the tech, Zoom uses up less of your bandwidth when making video calls and conferences. It manages to achieve better quality on every level compared to skype, and doesn’t bring your broadband connection to its knees. Magic.

How are we using it?

To begin with we’re rolling Zoom calls out to all of our consultancy clients, who previously either skyped or phoned in for meetings. It’s already having a huge effect, with a greater sense of connection and collaboration.

We’ve also adopted it throughout the office, holding meetings with people working from home and away on business.

What this is really building up to is developing the Zoom chats into our accounts package. Furthering our adoption of cloud based technology and enhancing the service we can give to clients.

Zoom has the ability to share your screen in real time, with little to no lag. So we can access your accounts with Xero and walk you through live updates, solve any little problems you might have encountered and give you a much more involved service. This will potentially expand into our management reporting efforts, enabling a commentary on the figures you are seeing and walking through your budgets and forecasts using Crunchboards.

That’s really important to us. The easier it is for clients to communicate with us about their businesses and vice versa the better.

So if you have a call coming up with your account manager, or feel like trying Zoom out let us know. We’ll send you an invite link via email. Then after a quick download we’ll be beamed into your office.

No need to have an account or sign-up, although after the call there is the choice to sign-up for a free account. Then you can host your own meetings a spread the word about Zoom yourself (this article is in no way sponsored by Zoom, we just really like it).