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That Letter

I imagine it’s every taxpayers’ nightmare…when that HMRC branded envelope drops on the mat only to reveal you are going to have a tax inspection. Although we cannot prevent that letter from arriving, we like to take away our clients’ worries as best we can.



We’ve Got You Covered

The Peloton can take away the stress and extra costs that are associated with an HMRC tax investigation. We offer all our clients the opportunity to join our Professional Fee Protection service which basically means all our fees associated with dealing with an HMRC tax investigation are covered.


Expert Advice

You’ll have access to a legal helpline 24 hours a day 365 days a year which can be used for any commercial query covering areas such as employment, contracts, health and safety, landlord or tenancies issues, to name a few!


Below are the essentials: –

What does it cost? 

Personal                                  £82
Sole trader                            £148
Partnership                           £165
Limited Company                 £192
Large Limited Company      £269  (turnover of over £750k)

What IS covered? 

• Full Enquiry
• Aspect Enquiry
• Business Inspection Notices

• VAT/PAYE/CIS Compliance Checks (indemnity limit of £2,000)
• VAT Disputes
• PAYE/NIC Disputes
• Employment Status Dispute
• IHT Cover – indemnity limit of £5,000
• Gift Aid Inspections – indemnity limit of £2,000
• Directors & Partners Cover
• Application for Judicial Review
• Code of Practice 8 Investigations
• IR35 Status Check
• IR35 Disputes
• Interventions

What is NOT covered? 

• Claims arising from circumstances we were aware of before cover was taken out
• Any claim involving Civil Investigation or Fraud (code 9) or specialist Investigations/Fraud Investigations Office
• Investigations carried out under ‘VAT evasion’ or conduct involving dishonesty
• Criminal prosecutions
• Minimum wage, student Loan, tax credit enquiries
• CIS gross payment disputes
• Enquiries into the domicile of the taxpayer

Of course, T&C’s apply, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

Cath is our Professional Fee Protection expert.

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