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In amongst the torrent of GDPR emails we’ve been receiving, we noticed one company seemed to be making the topic actually quite simple and their communications stylish. Jarrang are email marketing experts and help businesses create beautiful and effective campaigns, so I guess it makes sense that their’s stood out for us. In a bid to understand the subject better, we contacted Jarrang’s Founder and Managing Director, Stafford Sumner, and he kindly agreed to come chat to the team about GDPR and email marketing.

We’ve been doing a lot of our research on this subject and have found the ‘official’ advice confusing and non-specific. We had a million questions for Stafford and, whilst he reminded us that he’s not a GDPR expert, with fifteen years of email marketing experience under his belt, he did an amazing job at answering them and making us all feel it’s actually going to be okay.

While we fed him bacon sandwiches and strong coffee Stafford demystified GDPR terms such as ‘Legitimate Interest’ and ‘Processors’ and helped us to work out a plan for our current marketing database. It was such a useful morning and we’re incredibly grateful for his time – thank you!

If you want some simple guidelines on GDPR and email marketing we can highly recommend A Practical Guide to GDPR and Email Marketing, an ebook created by Jarrang and law firm Stephens Scown – download it for FREE here.