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Must read tax articles of 2021

In between filing tax returns, company accounts and the occasional Cornish pasty break we have been known to publish the odd tax article or two. Over 2021 we’ve published a huge amount of content, from tax efficient childcare, guidance on the Construction Industry Scheme or tips on how to save tax as a landlord. Whatever your circumstances, we’re sure at least one of these articles will be of some interest.

For a full list, please see below:

Should I buy an Electric Car through my business?

Top 10 tax considerations for property businesses

How is cryptocurrency taxed?

Distributions on cessation of a company

Stamp duty land tax refunds

Avoiding an investigation: How does risk assessment work – What does HRMC look for?

Disposing of an asset on which capital allowances have been claimed

Tax-efficient childcare

Furnished holiday lettings and interest costs

Are you trading?

Paying inheritance tax in instalments

Special capital gains tax rule for transfers of assets between spouses

SDLT and uninhabitable properties

Relief for replacement of domestic items

Settlement provisions and dividends – settlement ‘tests’

Tax and NIC implications of private bills being paid for by a company

When HMRC can write off arrears and the work of the adjudicators office

Furnished holiday lettings and business asset rollover relief

SDLT and shared ownership

Making use of a spouses allowable losses

Tax-free help with childcare costs

End of the AIA transitional limit – beware of the traps

Understanding how dividends are taxed

Keeping the Christmas party tax-free

Get ready for the next steps of making tax digital

‘Ben and Breakfasting rules’ – Directors loan account – borrowing, repaying and then borrowing again – ‘arrangements’

CIS – how to work out whether it applies – practical problems on submission. Penalties

Different ways of deferring CGT by selling or gifting a business asset – hold over relief, roll over relief etc.

Electric charging points – is there a tax liability?

Register for child benefit even if HICBC applies

New reduced rate of VAT for hospitality and leisure

Increasing the normal minimum pension age

Reporting Covid-19 support payments on your tax return

Selling my dental practice tax-free!

Residential property developer tax

Treating deposits from tenants correctly for tax purposes

Reporting income from property

What are companies that are listed by guarantee

What does the future look like for tax payments?

If you’d like to discuss any of the topics in more detail or would like to arrange a meeting with our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can email us using or you can call our office on 01326 660022.