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Paper-based time tracking systems create work and add cost to your business processes. It is much easier and faster to use online timesheets – for time recording and staff scheduling.

Is it time to switch to online timesheets?

Cloud-technology is dramatically changing the way we do business. It’s making previously expensive technology affordable and accessible to anyone with a mobile phone or an iPad.

Now your business, no matter what size, can have a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use staff scheduling and time-recording system. It’ll save you hours of admin, improve staff engagement and help you get the most from your spend on wages. What’s more, it will also integrate into bookkeeping software such as Xero.

Admittedly, paper-based systems can get the job done, but they’re far from ideal. They slow you down, introduce errors and distract people from their primary job. this all costs you more money.

Disadvantages of a paper-based time system

Paper schedules are inflexible and difficult to update
A work schedule is right at the time you post it, but things change quickly. People take leave or call in sick and there’s no way to fill those shifts without getting on the phone and ringing around. None of your staff knows that a shift has opened up.

Plus paper schedules can sometimes cause confusion for workers. In the mess of names, dates and times, it’s not unheard of for employees to mix up the dates of their shift, or confuse their starting times with someone else’s.

Your employees hate paperwork
Time recording can become a job in itself. Staff members who’ve had a big day don’t like the extra administrative burden of filling out forms. And when they treat it like an unwanted chore, the data can get sloppy.

Manually processing timesheets slows down your business
Staff often need a nudge to complete and hand in their timesheets. Then the numbers have to be punched into payroll. That double handling chews through a lot of time. It’s either a distraction to you, or it’s costing you a lot of unnecessary wages. Manual scheduling is also complex, difficult and time-consuming.

The advantages of online time sheets

Smart time-tracking software won’t just give you an accurate record of hours worked, it will also give you powerful scheduling tools. All-in-one apps make smart use of your employee’s mobile devices by enabling:

  • you to post staff rosters to their phones and make updates as things change
  • employees to clock on and off, and request leave, using their phone

These systems don’t require you to install any hardware and they can dramatically improve how you manage your human resources.

If you would be interested in finding out more about how we can work with you to develop a much better way of handling your time sheets, please get in touch or take a look at our payroll services page.

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