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Maxine Hart kicks-off 2016 as our new artist who has loaned a wonderful selection of work to inspire, enrich and enliven our workspace at The Peloton. We have an on-going programme to fill our walls with beautiful images throughout 2016 from the host of local Cornish talent available. Cornwall is a rich, buzzing and vibrant county full of artists interpreting the landscape and seascape, celebrating the unique place where we live. The Peloton is also a unique place to work; our clean minimal space is a perfect backdrop to show off images and, for us, an opportunity to work and meet our clients surrounded by stunning paintings.

Maxine Hart – Born on the Wirral and now living and painting in Falmouth, has had exhibitions in and out of county and collectors around the world. Enjoy her beautiful work when you come to visit us at our offices or take a look at her website
Maxine’s pictures are available for sale; please either contact or Maxine

More from Maxine about her life in Cornwall:

Jo: Maxine, tell us where your favourite place is to paint in Cornwall?

Maxine: It’s about light, it can be anywhere, but the Helford is one of my favourites because of the trees and water, with woodland going down to water.

Jo: Have you ever painted anywhere really dangerous – like the edge of a cliff?

Maxine: No I’m not very good with heights! I wouldn’t sit on the edge of anywhere – I have sketched with the elements; rain, wind. Mixing the sand and charcoal with my paper on the beach – drawing or painting on pebbles.

Jo: Have you ever painted a picture you are most proud of?

Maxine: Things like portraits – one of my Nan or animals for owners. Massive big paintings for my degree show. A great colour you’re using but really I’m always moving ahead.

Jo: Where would your dream place be to have your art exhibited?

Maxine: Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition – did it a couple of years ago! I want to crack Cornwall first before being any more ambitious.

Jo: Do you paint when you’re outside Cornwall?

Maxine: Yes; wherever I am I have a sketch book or camera – Exmoor – everywhere and anywhere inspires me; landscapes, seascapes.