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The popularity of Apple computers and people looking for Mac accounting software, within small businesses has dramatically increased over the years, with more users appreciating the alternative to the Windows environment.

Previously, Microsoft’s dominance of the SME marketplace led to a monopoly of available accounting software options for business; including Sage as the major player (in the UK, at least). For those users who wanted to ‘Think Different’ the options were somewhat limited.

The instant ease of use and logical user interface of Apple products have won countless awards and they have a very passionate and devoted fan-base. So when Mac users are confronted with software that doesn’t apply human logic to the design or functionality, financial tasks become painful. Accounting software on a Mac should ‘just work’. There are some dedicated apps which fulfil this need for aesthetics and usability, but they nearly all mean that you can be tied to a per computer licenses and it can make accessing and sharing the data very clunky.

There is an alternative to installing software; in today’s fibre optic, connected, and truly mobile workspace, the options for ‘doing your accounts’ on your Mac are so much broader. This is because of the proliferation of the Internet and most switched-on businesses now use cloud accounting apps which can be used on any operating system; Mac or PC – even on your mobile phone’s web browser or app.

Click here to learn how QuickBooks for MAC works.

At The Peloton, we are Gold Partners in Xero, a beautifully simple accounting package that runs in Safari/Chrome/Firefox etc. If you’re a true fanboy and have the iPhone and Apple Watch, then these are just as capable of dealing with your day-to-day Xero’ing as your iMac or MacBook. Switch your bookkeeping to Xero and you will be ready for the future. We help our customers make the not-so-scary transition every day. Let us help you.

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