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During an informal chat on Slack I asked the team what they like about working here. Within seconds I had lots of nice comments pinging back at me (and some silly pictures). Here are just some of them:

“We take teamwork seriously and no matter what level you are at in your career, we will support you to be your very best. There’s never anyone left behind and being part of The Peloton, is being part of a family. Regular morning meetings to air your concerns are the backbone to an open, honest and progressive way of doing business. The team are based in an open office where you will really understand the effect of your contribution to the entire business. With clear, efficient management processes in place to keep you on track, but the flexibility to try new ways of working in a creative environment.”

“You are part of a team that is moulding a new version of accountancy, Your idea’s become a reality of the business!!”

“The potential to be part of a fast growing tech driven fun friendly team with an office with a view”

“We focus on development and coaching of the team which means a more skilled and capable workforce, who can perform at a higher level. Daily check-ins means we have regular feedback and communication to create greater performance for everyone.”

“Everyone’s opinion and input is valid and taken on board. There’s a real feeling of us all working together to be part of something great.”

“I like that we do jobs from A to Z not only part of it”

“If you stand in the front carpark on the wall you can see boats”

“I love the office and the potential for the firm (and you) to grow”

“Wearing jeans!”

“The technology, like e-signing and integrated software that makes life easy”

We’re always looking for new talent to join our team – if you like the sound of us have a look at our current vacancies or get in contact.