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For most people January is dark, cold and pretty dull, but not all of Cornwall is on shut down for this blue month! We are busier than ever finalising tax returns before the deadline, inviting new clients in for chats and lunches and making some exciting changes as the business grows.

As the deadline for tax returns looms, the pressure is on for the accounts team and the admin staff (of which I am one) are trying to help in any way that we can. Our main priority is to keep unnecessary things away from that team at the moment and of course supply lots and lots of tea!

Through this busy time we are also keen that our standards don’t slip, we are working hard to answer questions over the phone, arrange meetings for clients who wish to speak to their account manager and welcome new faces into the office.

More importantly, let’s not forget about lunch! Busy, hard working accountants need feeding, we make sure that the whole team takes a break in the middle of the day and that good healthy brain food is served.

Also, having taken on two new members of staff this month, it means that we are also busy with training, although having two more sets of hands is proving very useful!  We are also on the look out for a senior accountant, if you are interested we would love to hear from you, please see more details here.

One thing I have noticed is how dedicated the accounts team is, putting in the extra hours finalising personal tax returns (PTR’s) when the rest of us are eating warming food and snuggling up by the fire! Having said this, in our team meeting this morning our Accounts team were pleased to say they were actually feeling very relaxed!  So, good effort team and bring on the 31st!