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Why the post isn’t an out-dated ghost of the past

Dan Fine blogs:

Before the days of email, direct mail was the lead generation tool of choice. Every advertising agency worth its salt had a department dedicated to fulfilment, equipped with franking machines, noisy printers and sickly looking staff who could do with a week in the sun and a glass of orange juice.

Then email came along; it was free, it required no labour, it took up no space, and most importantly it was measurable. You knew who had opened your email, even better you knew who had clicked through to the links. From thousands of emails sent out you had a tangible hierarchy for your follow up calls… it was beautiful!

Email remains beautifully effective at generating leads and sales for your business and, as with all progression, surprising opportunities arising from its mass use have been uncovered.

Now everything can be paperless and receiving a letter is a novelty, guess what, a letter is much more likely to be read.

So, if you have a compelling message that you want to communicate to your audience, you have a much greater chance of them reading it if it’s sent in the post – there is no simple delete button or ‘junk filter’ with a letter.

The key points here are:

  • You must have a compelling message
  • You must speak to a specific audience
  • This is just a supplement to ongoing email campaigns
  • Any lead generation exercise is only as good as its follow up… Pick up the phone!

So next time you’re sifting through your letters consider the question is the post the ghost of the past?  Possibly… but like in Dickens and Shakespeare, sometimes ghosts deliver the most powerful messages.

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Dan Fine