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What is a SA302 tax calculation?

An SA302 is a response from HMRC which is only issued to those who file a paper tax return before 31 October following the end of the tax year.

The form shows your income for the year and how much tax you owe and is an easy way for a lender to verify that the income on a mortgage application is the same as you have shown to HMRC.

How do I get a SA302 tax calculation?

If you or an accountant has filed your tax return online, HMRC won’t issue you a form SA302. Instead, you’ll need to use the software you used to print your tax calculation. It might be called something different in the software – for example ‘tax computation’.

You can still print a tax year overview from your HMRC online account.

Get your SA302 tax calculation

Tamara Young - Accountant at The Peloton Xero Accountants