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How about a Business Coach?

Having a New Year just around the corner can make you stop and think about the big picture. One often reflects on a number of things and health often gets a large part of your attention, but then so does money and so do tolerations. Tolerations are most interesting, the things that any rational person would stop doing/accepting yet somehow we think it’s kind of OK to, well, tolerate!. So here’s one of my top tips for 2019, identify a toleration, for example, one your team that is a true C category player – disruptive, argumentative, negative, manipulative and given half a chance drags other some B team players into their lair. Then at 9 o’clock on the 1st January put a small piece of gravel in your shoe. How long would you keep it in there? Read on.

The idea is to gain some perspective on tolerations. I doubt you’ll last until the first cup of coffee before you take the stone out of your shoe. But in reality, it wasn’t doing much damage. The shoes only cost fifty quid, and it was annoying, but you could, if you had to, get by. So why the hell do you let someone in your team drag your business down, disrupt your team when the value of your business and the colossal impact it makes on your life is a thousand times more?! If it’s important to take the stone out of your shoe, then deal with all tolerations that have a far bigger impact on your life than that.

Virtual Dashboard

I have a virtual dashboard that I look at from time to time. It has three dials – Income, Wealth and Time. It records the income I am making against where I want it to be; it records my wealth against what I would like it to be; and lastly, it records how much time I would like to have to choose what I do, against the time I actually have. I’m constantly striving to improve these deals. Maybe you could consider this too. It will start to give you focus.

And when you have I can almost guarantee that the dial that is furthest from the target will be time. I don’t know about you but if I had a 17-day working week and 14 hours a day working it would still be a mission to get everything done (but that could be a factor of ambition too). And when we have very little time it’s really hard to know what to focus on when everyone is screaming at you. Any ideas?

Personal Trainers

But what is it about having a personal trainer that gets stuff done? I was talking with one of the personal trainers at a local outdoor fitness group. Their business has doubled year on year since they started 3 years ago and what was remarkable was that 85% of their time was spent on a one 2 one basis. And I know from personal experience that when you choose to engage with a personal trainer you can do the most remarkable things. Our group was based on a back street under a single street lamp, part mud, part tarmac. If that wasn’t bad enough the physical side of doing push-ups in the pouring rain at 7 pm in the dark, in the cold, was grim, to say the least. But I never missed a session, I always turned up. I got better at what I did. I found time to do it. It was massively out of my comfort zone but after every session, I can say that I enjoyed it. So what on earth is that all that about?


There you go, I’m not the first to say it and I won’t be the last. But if we want to make progress with anything we need accountability in our model. I worked with a girl once who, when I first met her, was 35. She earns about £75k pa, had 28 pairs of shoes, 19 handbags, shared a room in a friends house and couldn’t drive. The first time she told me this she burst into tears. Whoa! The point being that she had been on some sort of treadmill and achieved very little these last 6 or 7 years. So we spoke a little about what she really wanted to achieve (In terms of income, wealth and time) and then we looked at where she was., We set a time frame and then we set about doubling her business in six months (doubling her business in 6 months? Really? Yeah).

In 6 months she nailed it. She had never earned so much money and yet still have enough time to do what she really wanted to do. Awesome. But it intrigued me, what was it that made her make that quantum shift when for 6 years she had been in steady state? Was it her marketing, her focus, her hunger for change, more handbags? Well, probably a little bit of all of those but in her own words, it was the fear of speaking with me every 2 weeks and not doing what she
had agreed to do. Accountability. That’s it.

Business Coaching

Have you ever thought of having a business coach, or personal trainer for your business? There are loads of them around, but the point here is that if you are heading into 2019 and needing some serious direction, then why not talk to someone who has trodden the path you are about to tread – let’s face it, you wouldn’t choose a running coach who spends all day eating burgers and spreads out in front of the telly – real experience counts. So, Runners coach runners. Weightlifters coach weightlifters. Check out the CV, just sayin’.

But accountability, in my opinion, is the number one thing that matters more than anything. I really believe you could have the best plan in the world, all the skills at your fingertips, passion to light a barbecue at 50 meters but if you have not got someone giving you the 1,000 yard stare when you haven’t done something you agreed then you would, in my opinion, get distracted by ’stuff’ and things would slip.

And let’s face it, Novak Djokovic has a coach, we all need a coach for something. And the point about coach’s is not that you are admitting you are rubbish at something, it’s that you admit you are good at something and you want to get great. Coaching is about bringing out the best in you, not proving that you are a dick head. Coach’s should be part of your team and that means congratulating you when things go well, but taking responsibility when they don’t.

5 Tips on How to Find a Great Coach

Whoa, now I’m taking the lid off something! By their own admission all coaches are great coaches right?…..maybe…but before you get too tangled up with someone maybe do some homework first.

1 – Ego – yeah, avoid ego at all costs. You don’t want someone who can only be right. That’s just going to rub everyone up the wrong way – I saw this phrase the other day and I love it – if you have the choice to be right or kind, always choose kind.

2 – Values – are their values the same as yours? Are they going to ask you to do things that will really grate against you? You are going to have a very close relationship and if it transpires they don’t agree with you about what is really important, then try further along.

3 – Evidence – have you got evidence that they can do what they say they can? Not written, but spoken word. Have they ever run a business like yours? it helps.

4 – Costs – how good are they at spending your money? If they would spend it like it was their own, fair do’s. If they want you to spend it with someone where they get a personal benefit, then maybe ask a few more questions. throwing money at things has never been a great strategy.

5 – Fun – for Christ’s sake, if you can’t have a real laugh whilst you are on this assault course then maybe look for someone you can have some fun with. It matters- Life is way too short.

Happy New Year?

2019, maybe slightly tougher than previous years? Who knows, but you are forewarned and getting a robust, experienced team on your side right from the get-go would be no bad thing.

Have fun, we don’t come this way often, so let’s make sure we make the absolute most of it.

A really fresh approach?

New for 2019 – Business Wild – starting with cliff top walks to great pubs whilst totally nailing your business goals. Only available at the Peloton – watch this space for more details.

Ring, call, poke whatever – just get in touch rather than sit there. What’s the worst that could happen?

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