Hello hello to Helen Sewell! The Peloton’s 2nd Helen. Helen Mark 2. Return of the Helen. Helen Version 2.0. Helen Sewell is now widely known throughout the office as ‘Good Helen’. Helen isn’t overly happy with this but such is life.

Career in a nutshell: After graduating, I spent a year as a youth worker and another year as a Civil Servant until accepting that all I ever wanted in life was to be an accountant. I trained and qualified at Baker Tilly in Suffolk then after moving to the sunny shores of Cornwall worked in a practice in Truro. I have spent the last 3 and half years touring the local parks and playgroups with my two young children and am now ready to launch back into the world of accountancy with Team Peloton.

Certificates on wall: ACA; 2:1 degree in Philosophy & Theology from Cambridge.

Favourite job to do in work: Making things balance and finishing a job well; talking to clients and learning about all the different ways people earn a living.

The best thing I have ever done:

Work; sitting (and passing!) my final ACA exams while 7 months pregnant (I got through a lot of Galaxy Minstrels).

Home: Marrying my lovely husband in beautiful Cornwall and moving here 5 years later.

Life outside of work: is lots of fun and largely consists of looking after my family and having people round for food. I can be found learning the 101 types of digger so I can converse with my 3 year old son, and ferrying my 6 year old to her many social engagements. I am treasurer of two Cornwall churches and somehow found myself on the school PTA after showing a little too much interest in baking cakes. The things I keep just for me….going for a run and embracing my inner WI with my weekly sewing group ‘Swig n Sew’.

What people say about me: She has an unhealthy addiction to orange and patterned fabrics (to the point at which people can be seen leaving her home in sunglasses and taking paracetemol)….. but she’s very friendly and makes a mean cappuccino cake.

Thanks Helen, we look forward cappuccino cake related fun!