We are often telling our customers to take time out of their business to work on their business. Team Peloton spent the morning at The Potager, a delightful cafe near Constantine in Cornwall.

The purpose of the morning’s session was to put together a selection of photographs for use in our own marketing materials, including our website, to promote our accountancy business.

Here are a few shots of us getting ready and finishing off the session, with the final images currently being sifted through by our photographer Greg Dennis (he didn’t take these photos…).

After any out of office action, it’s always a good idea to keep the momentum, so on our return to the office we always write a list of ‘to-dos’ to make each person accountable for a task. It gets things done. Makes things happen. One way that the Peloton team do this is by moving out of the restricted space of a computer screen or notepad, and write it big and loud on our glass walls. If you haven’t got any glass walls, buy a piece of glass and stick it to your wall. 🙂 They’re great and really give each action a bit of visibility.

If you are looking to grow your business and are looking for new ways of thinking, please get in touch.