The beauty of having your accounts ‘in the cloud‘ and on Xero, is that you have easy access to everything, right at your fingertips. But what about tax returns and Annual Statutory Accounts? The Peloton gives you easy access to these, too, within our Digital Vault.

It’s easy to find the Digital Vault at any time. Simply head over to our website and look in the header area for a link in the top right.

The Digital Vault will do 3 things:

1. Allow you to receive and digitally ‘sign’ documents from within your own individual secure portal. The digital signature legally replaces a physical signature on a piece of paper.
2. Access copies of all signed documents which will be held within the digital vault for up to 3 years. This includes your SA 302!
3. Send documents securely to your account manager

Click below to take a look.

See your Digital Vault