Join us for some amazing events throughout the year

The Peloton are Cornwall’s #1 Gold partner for Xero, and is a great place to hang out and talk business.

We’re proud of our attractive, modern office and the fact that our customers love coming to see us here. We regularly hold events where we get to really show the place off and friends of the Peloton get the chance to learn new things about running their business or simply kicking back and relaxing and one of our many social events.

Grow Your Business Workshop
Come and join The Peloton an inspiring morning of talks and business planning. Designed especially for established businesses that have been trading for 18 months or more, and who are serious about growing their business.


The Peloton on Bodmin Moor
Working on our Business
10th February 2016

As a small business, we generally spend a lot of our time working in our business, when we should be working…

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Gin in the ‘Ryn – What a party?!!
11th December 2015

It is the morning after the night before, but what a great time we had! It was a brilliant night of…

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Gin in the ‘Ryn
3rd December 2015

We’re so excited about Gin in the ‘Ryn due to take place next week. If you haven’t got your invite, then…

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