We pride ourselves with having a talented, trusted team here at The Peloton. Our people are our biggest asset and we do our best to ensure they want to stay. Here are our top tips:

Offer different kinds of career growth

Without the opportunity to try new opportunities, good employees will stagnate and will rapidly loose motivation to work hard for the company that they’re with. Take the time to ask where they want to go and what they’re interested in and then do your best to accommodate that, or at least show that you’ve heard them.

Make the environment they work in a nice place to be

The office or home office is where employees spend vast tracks of time – make sure it’s a positive place to be. Temperature can hugely impact motivation so invest in aircon or heating to get this right. If it’s feasible employ a cleaner and if not then set up a rota system to keep the place looking nice. Consider the equipment you are providing, struggling with old or tatty hardware can be hugely frustrating. Also think about providing refreshments and healthy snacks for the team. This will be seen as a benefit and will also mean the team are more likely to snack on the right sort of foods to keep their energy levels up!

Give them responsibility, and then feedback

Knowing you are responsible for something can be hugely motivating as it gives you a sense of purpose. From little to big tasks, make sure these are distributed between the team so that everyone knows what they’re bringing to the table and by when.

Give employees regular and constructive feedback on the tasks they are responsible for, this will show them you take it seriously and also give them a sense of progress and clear direction.

Trust, respect and consistency

Trusting, showing respect and being consistent with employees is a crucial factor in keeping good employees. When people understand your business goals, missions, and the value of their role in the big picture, they will be more invested in your future. Also, ask them for their input and opinions, they may well pick up something that’s passed you by.

Offer competitive wages

To retain your best people, demonstrate your satisfaction with their work through competitive salaries and flexible benefit packages that at least match industry norms.

Don’t underestimate the work/life balance

When employees feel a greater sense of control and ownership over their own lives, they tend to have better relationships with management and are able to leave work issues at work and home issues at home. Balanced employees tend to feel more motivated and less stressed out at work. Allow employees the chance to catch their breath from one project to the next with the help of team-building activities or mini break periods over the course of the day.

Be flexible about working hours and requests to work from home. There are likely to be good reasons for the request and meeting it is likely to result in a more satisfied employee and a more efficient member of the team. If you really can’t agree to their request then clearly explain the reasons why.

Appreciation and reward

Frequently saying thank you goes a long way and makes an employee feel valued. When an employee does the kind of work that makes a difference, make sure you recognise it. Success loses it’s appeal when it’s not celebrated.