The tone of the day was set early with an inspiring and enlightening speech from Hamish Taylor, a man whose experience at the top of industry held a definite resonance with all at the Thrive conference.


Since 2008 we have all felt the pinch to some extent; and what we learnt Thrive is that there is an answer, and the great news is it’s within all of our companies. It starts with clearly defining your proposition within your company. This is a process that can’t just be done from your own point of view but you must also put yourself in the shoes of the customer and what their genuine needs are and what problems they face. Market research and focus groups will help you get to this point however the most valuable insights you can receive are from your front line staff. So once you define the proposition how do you live it, and more importantly how do you get your team to live it?


By empowering the staff and allowing them to contribute you have already taken the first step, this is their idea! So now you have your mission statement every day, every interaction, every transaction has to be geared towards it.


How can this fail? The overriding message that came from Thrive is that business fails if you don’t communicate, real communication can turn good people into a great team steaming towards a shared vision.


With communication as king, how do we measure it? The reason it may get overlooked is that it is hard to give it an empirical value; you never see a pie chart mapping successful communication because it’s a seemingly ineffable quality. Well I thought this till I attended the Capio Shifter workshop, this not only greatly entertaining as it involved a tiny hat and a sledge hammer; but gave me a tool to measure how I verbally communicate with people. This encouraged me to not only consider how I communicate with my colleagues, but also how I speak to people in a larger sense. I highly recommend everyone taking a closer look at Capio and finding out what they have to offer, they seem to have an refreshlingly simple but effective way of looking at things.

Overall the day was a testament to the undeniable sprit of business that runs through Cornwall, now let’s press forward and Thrive.