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We’re delighted to have been awarded Gold Partner status by Xero.

The Gold Partner status recognises The Peloton as expert Xero accountants in Cornwall who are able to offer our customers the highest level of service using the Xero platform.

Xero has taken our specific industry by storm by disrupting the old way of doing things and making it much easier for small businesses to get a grip on their financial information. Their high-tech and open-approach has spawned a multitude of add-ons to make running a business more financially transparent.

All of our accounts customers get a Xero subscription to manage their accounts, but it is the integration with other software that makes it really stand-out as a first-class piece of kit. Crunchboards, for example, will show you what is happening in your business today; not at the end of the month when someone gets around to writing you a report. Knowing what is happening right now gives you the time to make better business decisions. In fact, take a look at our Xero page to find out more about how it works and the Xero add-ons that we specialise in.

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