Morning Meetings

A lot of people think the morning meeting is just something to get to work on time for, sit quietly in and emerge from, not having really listened or know what is going on. Well, not at The Peloton! We take our morning meeting  ‘the huddle’  very seriously. It has a list of areas we cover from what is happening in the office, to who needs help. It’s often the start of good communication about clients and most importantly ends in us learning more about each other and having a laugh!

This is not the only form of communication in the office though, it sparks useful conversations amongst the team and therefore means that people are helping each other out.

Importance of Space

An array of desk space and an open plan office mean that we often work at each others desks solving problems and sharing ideas.

Particularly in our accountancy profession we are required to be very accurate. Which means that having a quick chat about a detail [and having the space to do so] is crucial. Our office has been well designed for this; a sound proofed room, board room, lounge, as well as open standing height table, makes the different ways in which we need to communicate, easy.

We are lucky enough that the space has been created like that.

Communicating with clients

Of course, this also means that we want our communication with clients to be one of things that people praise us for. In an age where we can send information at the click of a button, zoom call from pretty much anywhere and, of course, use the old fashioned phone, there is really no excuse. But lets face it, the best way to communicate is face to face and we love welcoming clients to come and have lunch with us! Being a Xero gold partner means clients have access to a clear view of their business at all times, and to our monthly Xero training evenings where clients can ask us specific questions and communicate with other businesses.


We love music! We have a variety of tastes throughout the team, from calming piano and classical to pop and rock. Each day in the office is different and often sets the tone – on the days when everyone just needs to get on the music often fits and having background music on busy days means that the office always has flowing conversations rather than deadly quiet (and really who likes total silence?!)

Whether it be morning meetings, chats over lunch or a laugh at our desks, or on a walk, we know each other pretty well! We take time to make friends and get to know each others strengths so by the time you have been part of the team for a few weeks you know exactly who to go to with which question. The team comprises of I.T whizz’s, tax specialists, creative idea guru’s, marketeers, experienced accountants and coffee makers extraordinaire.

We love sharing our ideas and if you have any apps or great ways of communicating in your team we would love to hear them.