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We’re the largest providers of accountancy and tax services to Chiros in the UK. We’ve been helping Chiropractors and Physios like you for more than 25 years. We completely understand the pressures and challenges that you face every day and will work with you to improve revenue, optimise business structure and maximise tax efficiencies.

Let us show you how and if you don’t see results within 3 months we’ll give you your money back.

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    Putney Chiropractic Centre – Owner

    The Peloton are like my super domestiques, working hard at the front of the peloton to shelter me from the fierce Belgian cross winds, allowing me to remain fresh and reserve my energy for the fast approaching finish line. They do all the hard work and peel off just as the line arrives, I appear from the pack and cross the line first taking all the glory, but never forgetting to give praise for the hard work that my team mates have done to get me there.

    Peter Dixon
    Dixon Health and Peter Dixon Consultancy Ltd

    We very much appreciate the imaginative ideas and approach that the team bring to accountancy, so often a dry subject. It is very good to know that members of the Peloton team will make every effort to familiarise themselves with the business so the advice is relevant, and there is a good dose of humour which always helps.