If you wish to change the user on the feed when a staff member leaves, this is normally done by:

1. A user with ‘Manage Users’ access can delete the employee from the user list in Xero
2. By deleting them as a user you’ll also deactivate any Yodlee feeds that they had established
3. This will then allow the new person to reactivate the feed from their own Xero sign-on

When reactivating the feed you’ll have to be sure to select a start date for the feed to start which is after the date of the last transaction in Xero. This will prevent duplicate transactions from importing.

To delete a user click on the following:

1. Click on Settings
2. Select General Settings
3. Click on Users
4. Select the user and click the ‘Delete User’ button

Xero Help Centre: : Set up a Yodlee Feed

Is there a way of deactivating/reactivating the feed without deleting a user?

Absolutely, the alternative is:

1. The user who activated the feed needs to deactivate it under their XERO login
2. Click Accounts > Bank Accounts
3. Manage Account > Deactivate Feed for the relevant bank account
4. This will then allow the next user to reactivate the feed from their Xero login