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EU VAT when UK businesses store goods in an EU country
20th November 2018

EU VAT is a bit of a minefield and will no doubt change next March but the current situation is as…

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What is ‘Making Tax Digital’ and how will it affect my business?
5th September 2018

You may have heard the term ‘Making Tax Digital’ being thrown about recently. Perhaps from your accountant, or online. But what…

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Should an Associate Dentist be a limited company?
2nd August 2018

This is a big question and the answer can often be influenced by many factors, some financial, some non-financial. Let’s have…

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Is it the end for self employed associate dentists?
30th July 2018

This cage was rattled a few weeks ago when HMRC first contacted a number of dentists potentially challenging their self-employed status….

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Peace of Mind – What Price?
26th July 2018

  That Letter I imagine it’s every taxpayers’ nightmare…when that HMRC branded envelope drops on the mat only to reveal you are going to have…

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tax benefits of a car on hire purchase silver lady
Why purchasing a vehicle on Hire Purchase is the most tax efficient option
19th April 2018

Hire Purchase agreement is the most tax efficient option when it comes to the purchase of any equipment, including cars and…

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Making Tax Digital
Making Tax Digital – what do I need to know and do
31st January 2018

What is Making Tax Digital? Making Tax Digital (MTD) is part of the government’s plan to make it easier for businesses…

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Important Information about Changes to Paying HMRC
1st November 2017

HMRC are making some changes to the ways customers can make payments. The pay at the Post Office service will be…

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Should I register for VAT?
23rd October 2017

The Basics: VAT stands for Value Added Tax. It is collected at any time value is added to a product. Normally…

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Autumn Statement Summary
24th November 2016

Philip Hammond delivered his first Autumn Statement as chancellor in yesterday’s parliament. He has said the Brexit vote underlined the “urgent”…

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R&D Tax Relief – What’s what?
20th September 2016

The Research and Development tax credit scheme (for SME’s) is an HMRC incentive designed to encourage innovation and increased spending on…

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Digital Tax Returns Image of Tom holding a chalkboard
The End of the Annual Tax Return is Nigh…
12th September 2016

A Digital Era – Digital Accounting Records to be Compulsory The recent budgets will no doubt have faded into distant memory…

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How to stay money savvy with Airbnb.
2nd June 2016

Founder Mike Hutch has distilled some top tax tips to look out for when using Airbnb as a host. I don’t…

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New Tax Year – New Chalkboard
18th April 2016

As you may or may not know, we’re a big fan of the humble chalkboard at The Peloton, you can see…

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Have you paid your tax?
23rd January 2015

With only a couple of days to go before the tax deadline is upon us, here is your easy guide to…

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Incorporation update for Barristers
13th November 2014

Barristers wanting to incorporate may have to wait a little longer. Ross Martin blogs: Incorporation update After calling the BSB on Friday…

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Time for barrister incorporation
28th August 2014

Get ready to save tax! Ross Martin blogs: It took a little while to catch up, but it’s great news for…

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Tax planning is far from dead!
15th July 2014

A ‘Win’ for Rangers & Tax Planning Tax planning has been getting a LOT of bad press recently, however we know…

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30th June 2014

Gifts Sue Fleet-Chapman blogs… It’s nice to receive; it’s even nicer to give. When you give a gift, you expect the gift…

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Social Investment Tax Relief
13th June 2014

Social Investment Tax Relief Phil Pugh blogs… In the 2013 budget announced by the Conservatives, a social investment tax relief (SITR)…

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Cars – your options
2nd June 2014

Cars! What are your options? Michelle Rowe blogs… I don’t pretend to know anything about cars … as long as it…

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Budget Bulletin – March 2014
20th March 2014

BUDGET SUMMARY:  19 March 2014 George Osborne has waved his big red briefcase at us once again, and this is what…

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Act now to reduce your January 14 tax bill
19th April 2013

A new tax year, another extortionate tax bill no doubt… 2012 was a great year for debating whether we paid too…

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The budget round up
22nd March 2013

Yesterday’s Budget saw George Osborne walking a very fine line… …trying to appeal to and appease a number of different groups…

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