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Needs and Wants at Christmas
13th December 2018

I guess it’s the fact that Christmas is once again just around the corner that made my mind turn to the…

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What do Businesses Want?
26th November 2018

We’ve seen some interesting shifts in what businesses want from the Peloton over the last 12 months. There are a lot…

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When is the right time to scale my business?
17th September 2018

That’s a great question, and there are several answers, some of which depend on where you are in your business life…

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Meet our amazing client! Earth Kind Originals, an ethical clothing brand.
29th June 2018

We love our clients. And we want to tell the world about some of the truly special businesses we get to…

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How to create an effortless flow of communication with colleagues and clients
13th June 2018

Morning Meetings A lot of people think the morning meeting is just something to get to work on time for, sit…

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A different way of looking at Business, Marketing, and Trust.
30th May 2018

On my very first day here at the Peloton, Mike gave me a book to read, “They ask you answer” by…

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Do I charge VAT to a VAT registered customer who is based in the EU?
8th May 2018

As long as they are VAT registered then no. But you do need to make sure you have all the correct…

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Can I email sales invoices into 1tap?
8th May 2018

In Short.. NO In long, yes if you don’t mind logging onto a computer: Info from 1tap: Unfortunately, it’s not currently…

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I’m self-employed, is my medical treatment tax deductible?
26th April 2018

Unfortunately in most cases, no. HMRC believes that health treatment services have duality of purpose (element of both business and private…

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Are networking events tax deductible?
16th April 2018

Events held for clients that are free of charge are treated as business entertainment thus disallowed for tax purposes. If the company is holding and…

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Training – is it tax deductible?
16th April 2018

The general principle at play is that training undertaken to acquire new skills, expertise or knowledge cannot be treated as a…

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How will Cloud Computing help me run my business?
9th April 2018

Technology and its development is at our core and we have successfully been using cloud computing and online software to make…

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First steps to becoming self-employed
9th April 2018

“How much tax will I pay?”, “can I claim costs at all?” These are regular questions people ask themselves before they…

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Questions to ask before appointing an accountant
4th April 2018

Before committing to working with an accountant it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting for your money. It can be…

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Getting inspired by… Kate from Orbis Travel
26th March 2018

We are lucky here at The Peloton in that we get to discover and learn about many different businesses as we…

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Pension contribution increases from April 2018
13th March 2018

Your pension provider should have already been in touch with you about the increases due from April 2018 but we thought…

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Top 10 Xero apps
8th March 2018

Xero Cloud-based Accounting has over 600 connections with other time-saving apps and software aiming to automate your workflow, here’s our top…

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How Technology is Changing the World of Accountancy
7th March 2018

There was a time when an organisation’s books were managed using pens, pencils, and massive hand written ledgers. Luckily, rapid technological…

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Five reasons NOT to become a Limited Company
6th March 2018

I sometimes dread the limited company question. It often starts with… mate / financial advisor / father-in-law / bloke at the garage…

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What does severe weather look like for businesses?
28th February 2018

With storm Emma, otherwise known as the ‘Beast from the East’,  forcing her way through the whole of the UK at…

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I’m planning to have a baby – what do I need to know?
27th February 2018

So you are having baby… or you already have children This is the FAQ for you if you have children, or…

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Thinking of starting a new business? Read this.
13th February 2018

If you are thinking of starting in business, then there are a few things that you must do, and some that…

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Making Tax Digital
Making Tax Digital – what do I need to know and do
31st January 2018

What is Making Tax Digital? Making Tax Digital (MTD) is part of the government’s plan to make it easier for businesses…

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Why it’s okay to get it wrong
23rd January 2018

How do you benchmark your own performance or achievements? Is it Linkedin? You gauge your success against the number of people…

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Accounting and Customer Service – getting the balance right
22nd November 2017

You wouldn’t think that an accountancy firm would have a large proportion of non accountants, but at The Peloton we do!…

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The Power Of The Morning Meeting
14th September 2017

At The Peloton we have a team meeting each day between 8.45 and 9am. We call it The Huddle. This meeting…

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Your Self Employed Checklist
16th August 2017

Self employment can be a liberating experience for many escaping their typical day job. A world of being your own boss…

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34 Reasons why working in Cornwall is awesome!
4th August 2017

Cornwall is known for its beautiful beaches and laid-back lifestyle, but can it satisfy the needs of those hungry for a…

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Thinking of starting a business? Read this.
1st August 2017

At the beginning of 2016, there was a record of 5.5 million private sector businesses. More and more people are considering…

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Making Tax Digital – The Start of A New Digital Era
17th July 2017

Did you know? Digital accounting records are to become Compulsory  for Everyone! It feels like a long time ago that the…

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